Thursday, December 1, 2011

MacKeeper Anti Virus – The real time protection

No matter, how strong your Mac OS X is; there is always a chance that it might get infected with virus. Would you wait long enough to have an anti virus until your system is infected? Are you willing to put your Mac on risk? Well, if you don’t want to count on Mac OS X security features, only then, you must have an additional anti virus that can disregard all those fears. And in that case, you can install MacKeeper and relax. MacKeeper virus protection is fast and efficient.
MacKeeper Anti Virus – What is it?
MacKeeper anti virus gives you the freedom to avail real time dual protection against all viruses and online security attacks from both Mac OSX and Windows platforms. MacKeeper keeps its virus database updated on regular basis. The total price of MacKeeper is just not only for Mac anti virus utility but it also offers wide array of some other exceptional utilities that will keep your system in ultimate condition.
Though security threats on Mac OS X are rare and far between when related to Windows risks, but still they do exist. Everyday use of Mac systems on internet put them on high risk against online security threats. Some online activities like transactions, downloading software, music, online games and some other websites may contain virus. MacKeeper anti virus utility is one of the most essential Mac securities utility that will detect and eliminate virus from your Mac systems.
MacKeeper VS other antivirus software
MacKeeper anti virus is a utility of ZeoBit, which is listed among top 10 anti viruses in the world. ZeoBit participated in the VB100 software performance test with PCKeeper and ended up in top 10 anti virus manufacturing companies. PCKeeper is PC version of MacKeeper, which is designed to cater for Windows users anti virus needs. MacKeeper uses the same anti virus scan engine as PCKeeper, but MacKeeper anti virus is more effective than PCKeeper. MacKeeper Anti virus is fast and effective as well as it accurately detect and remove viruses.
How it works?
When it comes to the working of MacKeeper, when once it is installed on your system, it starts scanning your entire data to ensure safety and security. Once the scanning is complete, it then displays a list of threats your Mac or other operating system is infected with. You can then take actions against them. Similarly, the actions include but are not limited to deletions, recovery of data, removal of spyware, malware, Trojans, worms, viruses, data encryption, anti-theft and much more.
Bottom Line
One of the proving points of VB test for MacKeeper is the trust and reliability of users on its accurate and performance based results. The award for ZeoBit itself says it all. ZeoBit is among the world’s top 10 best anti viruses and their product, ‘MacKeeper’ is just one of those anti viruses that just not only speak, but also performs said actions. What else other than MacKeeper you want for your Mac security protection?

MacKeeper – Boost your Macintosh Performance

We use Mac systems in all walks of life… at home, schools, and work, in particular.  The excessive use of Mac systems exposes them to online security threats like scams, virus, spyware, and some other online threats. It’s turning out to be a tougher job to keep our Macs safe from security threats.
Not too many apps in the Mac world exist that can help you enhance your Mac to the next security level. But, there is one such software “MacKeeper” that offers you a wide range of solutions, most of which, doesn’t come with any other maintenance software.

MacKeeper is a very notable maintenance solution, offering a comprehensive lineup of robust utilities and an entirely new approach towards system maintenance. As one of the best maintenance solutions, MacKeeper continues to improve itself, and provides complete care and security to its users. The strength of MacKeeper is its ample utilities and tools that combine well to provide best services to users from all angles.

MacKeeper is indeed effective at maintaining your Mac system. MacKeeper anti virus is well equipped to protect your Mac systems from viruses, Trojans, malware, spyware and worms. MacKeeper scam protection is capable enough to block fraudulent websites. Its cleanup tools are comprised of binary clutter, caches, duplicate file finder, language packs, and registry cleaner. Cleanup tool allows you “one single click scan,” which will determine all the unwanted junk that has taking up space.

Ease of Installation
MacKeeper is programmed to be fast and result-oriented… and that displays the moment MacKeeper is installed. It allows you to download a 15-day trial that means if you’re interested in MacKeeper, you can upgrade it to the full version by paying online. The entire process of installation to upgrade is simple and easy.  
Ease of use
MacKeeper has a simple and crisp interface, which makes it easier for the users to understand. There is a section solely dedicated to video tutorials and how-to guides to become familiar with tools and utilities. Whole MacKeeper is well-structured and intuitive, which makes it easy for the novices to steer all the functions and tools easily without any advanced know-how or skills.
MacKeeper is quite effective, various tech experts and user reviews proves its reliability and efficiency. Many MacKeeper reviews have been featured on different blogs and tech websites of today. With the quality of utilities and proficiency, it’s rated among some of the best software of its age.
MacKeeper support is available 24/7 in the form of email, phone, and live chat. A crew of technical experts is every always prepared to deliver remote desktop assistance. There is also an active community of users on MacKeeper website to get help or information from.
Overall, MacKeeper is a complete solution for any Mac users. It’s just not only popular, but also delivers rock-solid system maintenance and protection. Whether you’re looking for an anti virus or simply need easy to use system clean up or optimization software, MacKeeper is the right choice! Do you have any other solution except of MacKeeper?

MacKeeper – Mac Call for Security, Protection and Care

MacKeeper is known as “911”, and why shouldn’t it be? After all, it’s the best alias for it, because when we are in trouble we call 911… but when our Mac is in trouble, we call MacKeeper… security, protection and care right at our service.
MacKeeper owns duplicate finder, undelete, anti virus, backup, uninstaller and personal support all in one pack. If you don’t want to hook on to installing each one of many utilities separately, probably, you will take just a split second to be convinced that MacKeeper is supreme commander of them all.
Let’s call 911 aka MacKeeper to see what response we get:
Mac Security
Technology is becoming more and more sophisticated and handy, so do the approaches of infecting it. Malwares, viruses, trojans, scams… the list goes on and on. And a time comes when we all fell prey to one or more of these notorious security threats. So, in order to remain in the safe zone, one should have some kind of security or protection. In that case, MacKeeper has it all.

MacKeeper anti virus provides security for your Mac to constraint online security breaches. While you surf the web, MacKeeper malware protection blocks unsafe and fake websites in your search. It also stops you from visiting fraudulent phishing scam websites created to steal your credit card information. Along with the protection, it allows you to execute quick or full system scan, you can also run custom scans for viruses and malware.

Mac Protection
MacKeeper provides you advanced level, yet easy data and file encryption facility that stop unauthorized access by using sophisticated encryption algorithms, which are not easy to break. It also allows you to protect and prevent your data from accidental loss by taking a backup. Even, if any of your data is accidently deleted, you can still get it back with the help of undelete tool.
MacKeeper cleanup tools enable you to remove binary clutter, history caches, duplicate files, extra language pack clutter, registry entries, and temporary files. MacKeeper also has an anti theft support feature, which will track down the location of your Mac, if it’s lost or stolen. Anti theft also has the ability to take picture of the person carrying it and send it via email to any specific address.
Mac Care
One of the best features of MacKeeper is Geek on Demand. You can call 24/7 with your queries on a toll free number any time. A team of highly-technical experts will be more than ready to answer your questions. And, if you log your queries via email, then their representative will get back to you within 24 hours and assist you in the best possible way. Plenty of information materials including video tutorials, how-to and step by step guides are also available on MacKeeper websites to get enough help from.

MacKeeper offers users a slew of utilities that will help them keep computers and data safe. All the bundled utilities and features are easy to use and understandable. MacKeeper is indeed a 911 call for your Macs!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mac Encryption helps you keep your data protected

Several questions are raised when you start using your Mac computer. How to secure your data? What are computer viruses? How to stay away from getting spammed? How to keep your wireless network secured? Will your cookies compromise on your computers system? And so on.

Each one of you likes to keep your personal data as protected as possible. These days with extensive increase in security risks and threats to your personal information, it is indeed best to secure it as soon you can. Encryption is one of those effective method that helps you keep your personal files totally unseen using just a few clicks. You are provided with ultimate security of your private information via hiding, password protecting and then encrypting it.

In such times, it is not a very good idea to not use Encryption. The sooner you get used to Encryption on daily bases, the better it is for you because now it is becoming immensely complicated to keep secrets and protect your data from being stolen.

This job of securing data can be best done by various Data Encryptor tools. For instance the Mac Keeper’s Data Encryptor tool uses the quickly progressing Mac encryption to block out users that you do not want to allow to have a look at certain files and folders. Mac Encryption does this by using extremely complex algorithms which by far increases the security of your personal data. Not only does it protect your data, it removes bulk of junk from your Mac computer. As a result your Macs speed is significantly boosted and therefore gives you the maximum possible performance.

Mac Encryption is possible in such a way that even if your Mac book is stolen or lost, your data remains protected. “Full disk Encryption” which is easy to operate and deploy using the tool “SafeGuard” can be used to protect your Macs from data violation in any case. The complete disk including operating system, the page files as well as data is encrypted. It ensures that only the right people get access to the right data. The entire user activities are defined and complete logs of the encryption status is well managed. So even if you remove the hard disk physically you can still be sure that your date is well secured. Unlike the old times, users can now easily recover the passwords, that might be forgotten, or the data in case of emergencies. Mac Encryption tools now are proving to be as user friendly as possible.

There are several other handy Mac Encryption tools that can assist you in keeping your data out of harm's way. These new tools are being introduced so that you are without much difficulty able handle your Macs security. For instance Shimo is that one tool that provides you with the facility to save your passwords in your keychain, allows you to automatically re-connect when you use your system again. Another one called Pastor not only allows you to store passwords but also has a built-in password generator and is generally used for basic encryptions. Moreover iProtector allows you to protect your very sensitive documents, databases, pictures etc. This tool can lock and unlock your files and folders in over twenty different powerful encryption formats.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to make your Slow Running Mac faster?!!

A Mac OS that runs your Mac book, Imac, Mac Mini, and even your Iphone, is a great operating system. Mac OS X is superior to other operating systems because of its reliability, speed and security. But over the time, many Mac users start complaining about their Macbook running slow, long response time, delay and so on. There are some common factors that affect the speed of your system. Here, I have explained some of the important ones that actually affect the speed of the Mac book.
First, let’s check out your hard drive. If you see your hard drive with space less than 50%, then maybe it’s the time for some clean up. Browse all of your data and figure out the files you might not need anymore that are eating the space up. Files like movies, Music videos etc, with high space. Delete the ones you will no longer need and free as much space as possible. Program files to eat much space. So if there are programs installed that are no more in use, you should delete them too.
Sending files to trash box doesn’t mean that data is completely removed. It still remains on the hard disk occupying the same space. So it is important that you completely remove them all. Here is how to do this. Go to trash, select all the files there and delete them. Empty the trash completely.
Many Macs only have 512mb to 1 GB of ram and no dedicated video memory as well. This will cause your Macbook running slow down. So check out how many programs you are running at once. If this is the case, then your computer can only handle few programs at once. You will definitely notice a huge improvement in the performance while using only a few programs at one time.
Many people use alternate browsers like Safari instead of Mozilla Firefox. If you are using a slower browser itself, obviously your Mac will run slower. Firefox is by far the fastest and most secure browser and it is an open source. Which means any one can use it for free. Every month, you are paying for all that bandwidth, why not use it all?
Everything depends too much on the capacity of you Mac book. If your ram is too low, consider upgrading it if you have the option to upgrade. If you are putting too much workload on it, then it is your Macbook running slow down. It will start showing the symptoms. The disk clean up may work for you, but if everything is fine and still you are facing the problems, then you might consider changing the hard disk.
Users with better rams and faster hard drive have given very positive feedbacks. 2GB will be the best option if you are flexible enough to bear some cost. But a 1GB will also do the work for you. Faster hard drives will definitely help; 7200 rpm sata for example.
It is very important that you understand what’s causing your Macbook running slow. Try out the above mentioned options first. Possibly they will work out for you. If you are standing on a low configuration like 512MB ram, then it’s the time for upgrade, though it will make your wallet lose some weight.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Optimizing Your Mac With MacKeeper

MacKeeper is a all in one maintenance utility which can provide everything a Mac user needs to optimize their computer system. The program has a wide range of utilities which cover a range of areas which need attention of a regular basis. These include Mac security features such as antivirus protection and innovative anti theft features; a powerful Mac backup utility which can be scheduled to create backups of your files;  a suite of cleaning tools and a number of handy optimization features.
MacKeeper's optimization tool box is intended to make your Mac faster, saving you time which would normally be lost waiting on programs to load.  One of the tools is the Update Tracker which ensures you have all of the latest versions of your apps installed. The Update Tracker checks every single application which you have installed on your Mac and checks to see if a newer version is available. Anything which is marked as out of date has a red dot placed next to it. The program also offers a one click update for those applications which have been listed as out of date.
The Login Items utility is another useful tool when it comes to optimizing your Mac's performance. It is able to boost your login time by allowing you to control automatic startup of your installed applications. It allows you to streamline the start up process by managing which applications launch on start up. If you remove apps from the automatic login list they will no longer pop up during your Mac's start up process to speed it up. That is why using the Login Items tool is always part of my routine when I clean my mac up. You can also add applications to the automatic list if you always use them immediately. The other part of the Optimization kit is the Default Apps tool which allows users to choose an application to open a file with.
The Optimization tools can speed your Mac up a little bit by setting your preferences and disabling anything you don't really use. However, they are best used after you have used the Clean up utilities. I always like to optimize my system after I have used the Fast Clean Up tools to clean my mac and after I have performed my regular antivirus scans.
Some of the Clean up tools provided by MacKeeper include the 'Fast Clean Up' suite which consists of Binary Cutter, Languages Cutter, Cache Cleaner and Logs Cleaner. There is also the Disk Usage tool give users a graphical representation of how their disk space is being used, A duplicates finder, a files finder and wise uninstaller. These tools combined are able to provide a deep clean for your Mac and eliminate any unnecessary files. This will help your system to run faster and more efficiently. How often you use the tools will depend on your personal preference and usage levels. I use my Mac on a daily basis and access the internet a lot, so I like to clean my Mac fairly regularly to avoid large build ups of junk files.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MacKeeper Provides The Ultimate Clean Up Solution

The startup system of Mac should always  be as fast as the day you brought it home. Mac operating system is naturally  speedy in performance. For me, if my Mac takes more time to boot or its performance is slowing down , then I take it as an indication that it is time to clean my Mac. A reduction in performance levels is a key sign that your Mac system needs to go through a thorough clean up. MacKeeper is of the best cleanup programs that helps you tune up Mac safely and effectively.
The antivirus is one of the most important Mac security features of this program. It detects and eliminates viruses that may affect the performance of your Mac. The antivirus offers real time protection against viruses, spy ware and other online attacks by updating its virus database every day. The overall cost of MacKeeper is in line with what you might expect to pay for this level of antivirus protection. However, MacKeeper is more than just a Mac security issue solution. It also over a wide range of other utilities to keep your Mac in the best possible condition.
One of the features which is offered by the MacKeeper package is the Wise Uninstaller which will allow you to completely remove all traces of software which might otherwise leave behind remnants of files. Some files and apps may be useful in the beginning, but they turn to useless overtime. The junk files pile on hard drive, consuming lots of space. Running clean up applications, when your Mac is idle can help you tune up Mac operating systems, but this task can be tedious and time consuming when performed manually. MacKeeper features several clean up utilities which eliminate this issue. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the MacKeeper Fast Clean up tools were able to clean my Mac and I guarantee you will be too! It helps remove undesirable files safely, quickly and effortlessly. It uninstalls useless applications effectively. It lets you see the details of each item to be deleted, so that you need not worry about missing something important.  It also lets you restore files that are removed accidentally thanks to the Undelete feature which can even recover deleted files Mac users have emptied from the Trash.
MacKeeper  is a cost effective solution to tune up Mac. It helps to remove gigabytes of junk files from your Mac. It protects your Mac from information loss and spy ware. It helps prevent unauthorized access to your confidential files. It enhances the speed and performance of your Mac and keeps all of your apps up to date. The MacKeeper program really does provide all of the maintenance tools and utilities you will ever need to resolve the most common issues which Mac users encounter. Whether your priorities are based around increasing your Mac security, installing a Mac backup utility which allows you to schedule regular back ups, or if you just want to clean up your Mac to improve performance.